Adventures in the Wilderness

Winter two years ago

Leap frog on the way between Binser and Andrews Shelter

The first week in July is often known for its settled weather in the mountains. Freezing nights and clear blue days – have you ever seen freezing fog? It sparkles.

I wonder if tomorrows storm will come to anything. . .

Two years ago, the first week of July saw a group of young men from Campus Church spending good quality time studying God’s Word together for a week. There was little to distract them from their mission of getting to Lake Minchin and back again – definately not phones, facebook or the internet! They walked through snow, over ice and spent more than one night in a tent. They sought after God through studying His Word and being thrown into dependence on Him. It was not a walk in the park.

The feedback from this trip was truly encouraging.

“Something that impacted me the most on this trip was the need for us to acknowledge our sin in humility for God to use us.”

“Something God really taught me on the trip was to act as salt and light to all the earth.”

‘The views were impressive and the conversations challenging.”

“Something that impacted me on this trip was seeing the benefit that a week away has on growing and building relationships as Christian Brothers.”

downstream from Casey Hut

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