Adventures in the Wilderness


Winter chill

In 3 days our first winter trip is heading out! I have to say that this time I’m not too envious of what they will face, its been cold out lately. They should all be pretty warm though, looking at the packing list – but  keep them in your prayers. Please be praying that they would grow in faith and stay safe. It is really exciting for the group to be uni students, and heading out in winter – they are going to have a blast!

June Prayer Letter

Thanks so much for partnering with us in serving Christ through outdoor ministry.

Here is our latest prayer letter.

June Prayer Letter 2012

Tree planting!

The weather was not great at all – hail even, but people stayed pretty warm and dry. Grandma did some amazing baking for morning tea, I really need to get some recipes off her.

Thanks so much for all who dug in (literally), another $600 was raised. This will be spent on gear to keep our trampers warm and dry

Planting Trees

We have been offered a chance to raise a bit more money! This will go towards purchasing gear to keep the guys on the winter trip good and comfortable.

On the morning of Saturday the 16th June we need 10 people (well, 8 if me and Blair are counted), to help place out, dig holes, and settle in the trees. Because there is a variety of jobs, not everyone will be digging all morning – which I’m pretty happy about!

So if you are keen to help out – please give us a call – or email. 03 3472241,

See you soon

Great work and Thanks!

To all those who took part in the Peak Challenge – thanks so much, and great work! Around $1,200 has been raised. This money will be used to train more guides for the coming summer, so more people can get out into the wilderness and dig deeper in their relationship with Christ.

To get more gear to lend those who head out with us, we need to raise a bit more money – about $2,000 is what we are aiming at. If you know of anyone who would be interested in donating, or maybe you would be, please contact us or head to the Peak Challenge page for bank account details.

We have been given an opportunity to work planting a new block of native trees. This is taking place on the 2nd of June and will raise some of this shortfall. If you are able to lend a hand for the morning, give us a call! 3472231. Its going to be a great day – great company and some good food on offer.

Mt Isobel – Team One

Team One had not only an uphill battle but one with the wind too. Stories have been told of sunglasses being blown off faces – check out the picture of Tim and Ailers, they really do not usually sport these hair styles!

This team has raised a heap of money, thanks so much for the stellar effort. Grand totals will be posted in a week or so as the rest of the sponsorship comes in.

Thanks again!

Pics from Mt Guy

Team Two at the Top – and What a Climb it Was!

We made it, all 8 of us. The youngest being 6 months and the oldest, well, maybe I shouldn’t say.

Thanks so much for our supporters, I really feel like we have earnt our sponsorship – the peak was really steep and was definately a challenge.

Here is the peak pic, if you would like to see some more, I will post them soon. We got the timing wrong for the celebratory poses, it was a really quick timer!

Team Two Trails

Team one is currently sitting on a total of $495 donated for the Peak Challenge.

Team Two is trailing behind at $55, with much more promised.

A big push will be needed over the next few days – keep up the great work guys!

It’s all on!

Team 1 (Mt Terrible) have started getting money in already – way to go!

The rest of us better get our act into gear. Thanks for the reminder, and great job Steven, for getting us started.

Two weeks Today until. . .

Its two weeks until the Peak Challenge. I have to say I’m getting a bit nervous. Blair and I are taking our two boys – one in a back pack and the other in a front pack. I am not the fittest at the moment and add to that the weight of Josh, and it could be quite a calorie burning expedition! Thankfully Blair will be fine carrying Thomas on his back and taking care of Saffy our dog.

For those who are climbing, please work hard at getting sponsorship and remember that every dollar counts.

If you would like to donate, the Wide Open Spaces Trust bank account number is 38-9010-0463712-00 and email us at with your details if you would like a receipt. All donations over $5 can claim a tax refund.

This year we need to raise enough money for guide training which costs around $1,800. We also need to purchase more gear over the year to enable trips to go out at all times of the year. Providing the major items of gear for participants removes barriers for many people who would otherwise not be able to come.

Look out for summit shots in two weeks – happy climbing everyone!

Stories from the summer

Stories from the summer have recently been typed up and are now ready to share with you all. They have been such an encouragement to us, I hope they encourage you too.

Something I learned about ‘community’ from this experience is…”

That patience and forgiveness is very important and valuable.

Something God really taught me on the trip was…”

To read the Bible more because the impact of God’s word is truly effective.

Something that impacted me the most on this trip was. . .”

The time to get away from all the distractions of life – and actually think and pray about this coming year.

Guides and leaders also shared their highlights from the year at a recent reunion;

“To see the girls accomplishing something big was a real highlight. It was a great opportunity to get to know the girls better – and to get an insight into their lives. I feel like I can now be a way better leader to them as there are specific issues I can talk to them about, rather than just asking how school is going.”

Here are the full versions, enjoy!

Camper stories 2012

Leader and Guide Highlights 2012

Dates for Peak Challenge

Its that time of year again and the question is – are you up for it? You could get to the summit of your first mountain, or climb something that has a challenge you have not faced before. The choice is yours.

Dates are as follows – Saturday the 24th March, with the postponement date being the 31st of March.

See the link on the right ‘Peak Challenge’ for more information and relevant forms.

If you would like to join in but these dates do not work for you, please contact us as we can arrange an alternative date.

A Quartet

This trip left on Sunday with the promise of foul weather to start with. Thankfully the summer storms have passed and fair weather has followed. We have been praying for a great time of community with this small group, that God will really meet them where they are at and draw them into a closer relationship with Him. Photos will follow!

Wet in the end

In comparison to the first trip last January, the nor’ west rain only turned up the last day of this trip. The group of 10 arrived back to Base Camp safe and sound on Friday – absolutely delighted to be back in one piece.

The first couple of days were pretty hard, but by the time we got to Lake Minchin everyone was having a great time!

And they caught some trout!.  Not quite big enough to keep, but big enough for a good laugh.

Some of the things that God taught people were patience with each other and the value of encouragement. The time spent reading God’s word was a highlight for many.

It is a real delight to send the group off as individuals with apprehensive looks on their faces and see them arrive back confident that they had accomplished something  pretty big and really cohesive as a group.

And they are off!

The first group for 2012 headed out yesterday morning. The was a real feeling of excitement and anticipation as they all packed up in the garage. The group of 4 guys and 6 girls will spend the next 6 days in the Mt  White area of Arthurs Pass. We are praying that they will come to know their Saviour better than before and come away from the trip with a new understanding of community.

Five days to launch, 2012

Its not long before the first trip for January 2012 leaves. Its shaping up to be the most full trip yet. We are totally excited for each person coming along – and how God is going to work in their lives.

Please be praying for hearts to be prepared and for all the work that needs to be done before they head out.

Guide Training

It was a great group that met up for a weekend of training and then continued on to do the training tramp a day later. They have located a new track for the summer so we are pleased to have a couple of great routes to choose from. Thanks so much for all the people who helped out make the training a success – our driver, baker, moral support, teachers, accommodation providers. You know who you are! Thanks also to our wonderful guides and trustees who have given up pretty huge chunks of their time so that more will come to know Christ better.

Bring on the summer!

Guide training starts in three weeks time. This is the indication for us that summer is finally on its way.

We still have a couple of weeks open for teams to head out with us in the summer – please contact us asap if you are interested in taking/going on out for a six day trip. If you are keen to take a team perhaps another summer and would like to experience what we do, this summer, please let us know and we can arrange for you to head out.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to email ( or call (03 3472241) us.

Hope to talk soon,



Thomas is modelling our new t-shirts. He is wearing size 10 womens, they are made of cotton polyester blend and are a dark blue marle colour.

We have a few to give away as a result of the Peak Challenge – we will get them to you very soon. For others who would like one – we have about 10 to sell. Please give us a call 3472241 or email

New Gear

Thanks to those hard workers on the Peak Challenge and generous doners we have been able to make a few purchases lately. The girls on the Kaiapoi trip will be glad to hear we have now got some new very waterproof jackets and our friends in the States are very pleased to hear we have some new tents. No more borrowing from overseas!

Thanks also to Freedom camping ( and Kathmandu ( for giving us great deals on the gear!

We will keep applying for more $ so that we can get some great quality packs and possibly some other gear this year as well. If you know of a company who would be willing to sponsor us, please let us know –

Guide Recruiting

Application packs are now ready for guiding – please contact us with your address and we will post one out to you. Due dates and training dates are all covered in the packs.

See the guiding page for more information about what it means to be a guide.

Team Little Mt Peel

This team had a very similar experience to the Mt Grey team – wet and cold the whole day but they still had a lot of fun. The team of 10 people went up and back down the deer spur track as they thought the south ridge would be just too wet and slippery in the conditions. They were very thankful for the shelter at the top where they lunched and rested before making the trip down. They had lots of fun playing games and experiencing unintentional, and very spectacular, slides in the mud! Hot drinks at the bottom were much welcomed at the end of an all-in-all great day.
This team raised a whopping $725! Mammoth effort – thanks so much for all your work.
Pictures are to come – I hope they include some mud!

Peak Challenge Day!

This is the Mt Grey team at the top. It was an extremely wet and cold experience, but we made it there and back and I’m pretty sure little Thomas was the only one who remained dry!

Well done to the whole team who persevered through the experience. The current total for this team’s sponsorship is $849. The total is likely to rise over the next week as final donations come in. Thanks so much to all of our supporters, this means a huge amount to Wide Open Spaces – both for guide training and the purchasing of equipment.