Adventures in the Wilderness


Guide Training Tramp

The first week of January was a pretty wild one – our guides found this out first hand. They were not the only mad ones out there, and the weather proved good experience.

Gales, rain, more rain and a bit more rain sure tested the tents out!

Here are a few pictures.










Content and Counselling Weekend

Guide Training

The chubbiest one is not guiding this year – he needs to get a bit taller first!

Guide Training

Guide training for this new season officially begins today.

Its going to be a great weekend away with a fantastic group of people. We are so grateful for the provision of Thomas and Zach to help out during the weekend, and for the holiday home we have been provided with so generously.

Please be praying that we all come away with a fresh new understanding of Christ.

Photos to come!

Coming up. . .

A student on one of our trips this year wrote “Something God really taught me on the trip was to act as salt and light to all the earth. To go forth and multiply God’s love.”

Another wrote “Something I learned about ‘community’ from this experience is they are best grown in intensive environments, close quarters, and through good conversations.”

Please be praying that the students on trips in January and throughout next year will grow in their relationship with Christ is such a pure and real way. Separation from the stresses and continual bombardment of everyday life truly helps this happen.


Strange title for a post on this website, but shelves are important for storing gear!

We have recently been bought a huge set of shelves so that our garage can become a bit more organised.

They do look a little messy right now, but its a work in progress. On shifting things around, I have found it really amazing how much gear has been gathered over the past few years. God has just provided whenever we have needed. He is truly good and allows us to see His goodness in so many different ways.

Thanks so much for the family who not only found these shelves online, but paid for them and helped put them up! Its a real blessing.

What a Spot!

We have just been offered a new holiday home at Castle Hill Village to run our guide training in – it is going to be awesome!

For the last few years we have had it on the edges of Lake Ellesmere, but that house was not available this year and we were thinking ‘how can we find a place as good?’

God always has the answer.

Dessert and Info Evening

On the 18th August in Christchurch we are gathering together over dessert to provide some information and discuss how it is Wide Open Spaces can serve you.

If you are involved with a group of young (or even young at heart) people, and would really love to get a bit of help developing lasting relationships with them, we can help you with this.

We would love for you to come along on the 18th at 7pm, so give me a call 3472241 or email to rsvp, and we will see you soon.