Adventures in the Wilderness


Guide application forms are available – please contact us with your address and we will post one out to you when they are ready. Due dates and training dates will be covered on the forms.

The role of a guide is to be a servant leader. This means that on the trip a guide is a leader in all respects – they work together to take care of day to day decision making and leading the Biblical content of the trip. There are two guides on each trip.

Guiding with Wide Open Spaces is a unique opportunity to put together a love for both sharing the outdoors and the Gospel message with others. God has used the wilderness many times to teach His people – the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert learning to rely on Him. Jesus regularly went into the wilderness to get away from distractions, to focus on His Father. We can learn from that by applying it to our lives. In New Zealand we have such easy access to great expanses of wilderness, why not use them to glorify our Heavenly Father?

Wide Open Spaces ensures that our guides are trained and supported: we ensure they have training in Outdoor First Aid, Content and Counselling and River Crossing. They are required to understand the risk management plans the organisation has in place, and to act in accordance with the guidelines we have developed to ensure a safe, successful trip for all involved.

Guide are expected to commit to serving with Wide Open Spaces for a period of time that will be worked out on an individual basis.

If you are interested in being a guide, please get in contact with us at for application forms and dates for this year.