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Parent / Child Trip

This autumn we are planning a parent and child trip. The aim is to encourage the relationship, as well as their individual relationships with Christ. The trip will be four days in length taking place either over Easter or during the first term holidays.  Two guides will lead the trip and will facilitate Bible studies and life stories as well as trail talks. There is no need for leaders on these trips and the participants need not come from the same church/group. The child will need to be of a suitable maturity to make the most of the trips – at least 10 years old usually.

All logistics are taken care of by Wide Open Spaces and are covered in the costs.

If you are interested in either type of trip, please contact us at

Backcountry Adventures

Wide Open Spaces trips are six days and five nights and have an equal emphasis on tramping and content. Walking constitutes an average of 5 hours a day with the rest of the time being spent on content. The content part includes each person getting the chance to tell their life story, daily devotions (bible study) and trail talks. Trail talks are when pieces of scripture are brought into things seen and experienced during the day. Each trip is headed up by two guides trained in outdoor first aid, risk management and other vital skills. They take care of the majority of the decisions and organisation, which leaves the leaders free to build relationships with those they have brought along.

Each group consists of two guides, along with up to two leaders and eight youths. A variety of tracks are walked, most being in ether the Arthurs Pass or Lake Sumner areas. Trips are open to those who have completed year 10 at school, and older. Due to the numbers being small, each trip is uniquely moulded to suit the needs of the participants. That is why it works so well for both school age and university age participants.

Leaders are required  to turn up with the willingness to spend quality time building relationships – both with Christ and with their group of youth. Shared experience is a fantastic way to build lasting relationships with other people. All logistics are taken care of by Wide Open Spaces and covered in the cost.

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